Love God, Love One Another, and Make Disciples for Jesus Christ

    Love God, Love One Another, and Make Disciples for Jesus Christ

    Church History

    During the winter of 1836-37, the first Methodist Episcopal class in Union City was formed by the Rev. Peter Sabin and D. Davis, who were the pastors of the Coldwater Circuit.  The Congregationalists organized at nearly the same time, however, the first meeting of the Methodists preceded the Congregationalists by a few weeks. 

    The first sermon preached in Union City, was from a

    Methodist preacher.  Members of the first class were David Hull, a cabinet maker, leader; Isaiah W. Bennett; and Mrs. Carpenter Chaffee and her family.

    The first meetings held were in the Sub-Treasury at the corner of Broadway and East High Street.  Later, they took place at the “little red schoolhouse’, at the northeast corner of Ellen and Ann Streets, on alternate Sundays, until the spring of 1847.  Next, people used J.C. Leonard’s new barn for a meeting place.

    In 1847, a new frame church was built one-half block west of the corner of Ellen and Ann St on a lot purchases for $50.00.  The cost of the church was about $1,300.00.  Later, the building moved downtown and became a part of the Opera House.

    The cornerstone of the current church building located at the corner of Ellen and Ann Streets, was laid on Thursday, September 2, 1880.  The new church, built by John R. Simmonds, was dedicated on Sunday, August 28, 1881 and cost approximately $10,000.00.  This church building is still in use with a basement added in the early 1900’s and restrooms and handicap accessibility added in 1994.


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